Best Fall Foliage Adventures in Boston

Mallory Hanig  |  September 1, 2023

Best Fall Foliage Adventures in Boston

Boston in the fall is truly special, with enchanting fall foliage like no other. Unsurprisingly, our corner of New England has become popular with tourists and locals who want to experience the turn of the seasons. With the vibrant hues of autumn coming into life, different spots within the city transform. Relaxing road trips, apple-picking, and other exciting fall activities make it even more fun.

If you're unsure where to go to experience Boston's autumn tapestry, we've compiled a list of the best fall foliage adventures in Boston. 


Fall Road Trip Itinerary

What better way to spend the fall than on the road surrounded by scenic views?

A favorite is which winds through the Berkshires and offers breathtaking views of the vibrant autumnal landscape. Further north, you'll find the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire, often called the "Kanc," another scenic route renowned for its panoramic vistas of fiery reds, oranges, and yellows.

Or drive north along the coast to Portsmouth, NH. The road there is gorgeous, and the downtown is brimming with shops and delectable cuisine, all infused with a coastal atmosphere. It’s the perfect chill spot for shopping sprees, dining, and oceanic views.

For those who prefer coastal views with their foliage exploration, a drive down the historic Route 6A on Cape Cod provides a mix of colonial landmarks and multi-hued trees. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Boston's surrounding areas during fall present an enchanting tapestry of colors that's best enjoyed from the road.


Apple Picking Spots

Apple picking has become a popular activity for both locals and visitors during their fall outings. Here are some of our favorite apple-picking spots:

Connemara House, Topsfield 

A 30-minute drive from Boston, this stunning apple orchard doubles as a wedding venue. Besides its scenic beauty and ten apple varieties, it's a perfect spot for those thinking of a memorable fall proposal.

Brooksby Farm

If you don’t want to be limited to apples, then Brooksby Farm is the way to go. They have a variety of fresh fruits like pumpkins, peaches, and, of course, apples. Enjoy scenic hayrides while picking organic crops. Don’t miss the takeaway bakery goodies.

Dowse Orchards

This 50-acre countryside farm offers the quintessential apple-picking experience. The seasonal bounty includes apple varieties like Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Zestar, Gala, and Ginger Gold. They also have fresh apple cider that you can take home.


No matter what fall foliage activity you choose for the season, don’t forget to make the most out of it by planning wisely, considering your needs, and checking off your bucket list.

So, prepare for your next fall adventure and savor the season while it lasts.

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