How to Win Your Rental in the Competitive Boston Market

Paige Yates  |  August 1, 2023

How to Win Your Rental in the Competitive Boston Market

The quest to find a rental property has turned into a fierce battleground. Prices are skyrocketing and demand far surpasses supply, making securing a great place to live an all-out war among renters in Boston.

Here are some tips to help you land your perfect rental home.


Be Prepared

Make a great first impression by being prepared. 

Impress the landlord by being prepared and ready to apply once your find a property you like. Arriving on time is just the beginning. Gather all the necessary supporting documentation beforehand. Here are some essential documents you should have ready:

  • Proof of income with pay slips.
  • References, such as previous landlords who can vouch for your reliability as a tenant.
  • Identification documents.
  • A pre-completed application (if available).

Having these documents readily available will show the landlord that you are organized, responsible, and serious about securing the rental.


Know Your Credit

Credit history matters in rental applications. Having good credit increases your chances of having your application approved. 

Conversely, a low credit score can hinder or disqualify you from certain rental opportunities. Don’t let a less-than-perfect credit score discourage you. Instead, take control of the situation. Sometimes, simply providing an explanation in a letter alongside your application significantly improves your chances. If you’ve faced a one-time medical emergency or temporary setback, emphasize your resilience and commitment to getting back on track. 

Landlords who see your determination and responsible behavior may be willing to overlook poor credit.


Write a Compelling Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter makes a lasting impression on the landlord. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself, highlight your strengths as a tenant, and express your genuine interest in the property. 

Research the rental and the neighborhood to personalize your letter and show that you are invested in making it your home. A thoughtful and personalized cover letter sets you apart from other applicants.


Offer an Irresistible Incentive

Offering landlords a little something extra makes your application more appealing. If you have a low credit score or are concerned about beating the competition, try these tips.

  • Higher rent

Offer to pay slightly more than the asking price to demonstrate your interest, commitment, and financial stability.

  • Maintenance and chores

If you have skills or experience in home maintenance, offer to take care of minor repairs or perform regular maintenance tasks. This shows that you are proactive and willing to contribute to the upkeep of the property.

  • Flexible commencement date

If you have some flexibility in your move-in date, let the landlord know. This is particularly appealing if the landlord is looking to fill the rental quickly.

An extra incentive shows the landlord that you are willing to go above and beyond to secure the rental and become a responsible tenant.


While the final decision ultimately lies with the landlord, it is important to be proactive with the right attitude and implement these strategies to increase your chances. Your efforts will not go unnoticed by landlords who are seeking responsible and dedicated tenants.

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