How to Write an Offer Letter

Taylor Yates  |  April 2, 2023

How to Write an Offer Letter

Buying a home can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience, especially when
making an offer. Writing an offer letter is an essential aspect of the home-buying
process when inventory is tight, and the market is competitive.
An offer letter is a written proposal to the seller that outlines the terms and conditions of
your offer, including the purchase price, closing date, and any contingencies. A well-
written offer letter can help set you apart from other potential buyers and increase your
chances of having your offer accepted.
Here at The Yates Team we take the approach of the Rule of Threes when approaching an offer letter:

1. Start with a personalized introduction. Begin your letter by introducing
yourself and your family living in the home. Share a little bit about your
background, such as where you currently live and what you do for a living. This
will help the seller get to know you and feel more comfortable with you as a
potential buyer. Limit this to three sentences. 
2. Share three sentences about your home search.  What are you looking for? Why is this house perfect for you and your family? 
3. Finally, share three photos of you and or your family so the sellers can get a better idea of who will be living in the home. 

Writing an offer letter can be an effective way to make your offer stand out when making
an offer on a home. By following these tips and working with your real estate agent to
craft a well-written, personalized letter, you can increase your chances of accepting
your offer and moving one step closer to purchasing your dream home.

The Yates Team has been helping Boston buyers make successful offers for over 30
years. Contact our team to discover how we can help you find your dream home.


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