Preparing Your Home for Sale

Taylor Yates  |  February 27, 2023

Preparing Your Home for Sale

If you're ready to sell your home this year, remember that the sales process doesn't start when your home hits the market. First, you need to make sure your property is ready for sale and that it presents its best for sellers. Unless your home is perfectly staged at all times, this process usually requires a little work from sellers. Here are some tips for preparing your home for sale so that your property attracts buyers and sells for the highest possible price. 


  1. Declutter - The first step in preparing to sell your home is to declutter each room. Remove any excess furniture or items that make the space feel overcrowded. You want to ensure that potential buyers can easily navigate through rooms. Additionally, having "just enough" furniture in a room helps make the space feel larger. Not only is this important for open houses and showings, but it will also make it easier for your photographer to capture attractive photos of your home when listing


  1. Depersonalize - When you open your home for showings and open houses, you want as much of your personal items to be packed away. Remove family photos, pack up excess decor items, and minimize children's toys. Depersonalizing your space makes it easier for buyers to envision their lives in your home.


  1. Make necessary repairs - Inspect your home for any small maintenance items that need to be fixed before listing. A list of potential repairs could include anything from a light switch not working to an appliance that needs replacing. Take care of these tasks upfront, and you'll make the selling process much smoother. Furthermore, if buyers see a lot of deferred maintenance, they will question how well the property has been cared for, and it might lead to fewer offers or, even worse, offers below the asking price. 


  1. Curb appeal - Most buyers will first form an opinion about your home before they even set foot inside. Make sure to spruce up the exterior of your home with potted plants, mulch, and a fresh coat of paint if needed. Additionally, keep areas like the driveway, porch, and sidewalk clean and clear at all times.


  1. Staging - Once the repairs are completed, and you have decluttered and depersonalized each room, it's time to make sure your home is staged correctly for photos or showings. Neatly arrange furniture to create conversation areas in each room, and add a few touches of home decor to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.


These five tips will help you prepare your home for sale and attract potential buyers. Remember that as the seller, it is important to give potential buyers an idea of how great their lives could be when they purchase your property. So take the time to make any necessary repairs, declutter, depersonalize, and stage your home so that it looks its best. 

Are you ready to sell your home? Book a consultation with a member of The Yates Team to arrange a pre-listing inspection to find out what you should do to prepare your home for sale.

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