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Spooky Season in Boston!

Valeria Kharchenko  |  September 1, 2023

Spooky Season in Boston!

As the autumn wind graces the cobblestones of Boston, it's a great time to welcome the charm of the spooky fall season. From ghost narratives to uncanny witch hunts, the city offers thrilling activities for everyone. 


Boston's Best Ghost Tours

With a city as steeped in history as Boston, it's no we have plenty of tales of ghosts. Guided historical strolls, like The Boston Ghosts & Gravestones Trolley Tour, are popular in the city. 

It is best known for its tour of an over 400-year-old burial ground, visiting historical figures like Cotton Mather from the Salem Witch Trials. The guides are “gravediggers” who spent eternity in hell. Their dynamic, theatrical, and humorous performances make it a highly raved tour. Do you dare to board the trolley of the doomed?

But if you're looking for a spine-chilling walk, the Boston Ghosts Haunted Walking Tour is like no other. You will explore Boston's haunted locations on a guided night tour. Spend your evening listening to ghost stories and getting to know some of Boston’s darker history. 


Witch City Tours in Salem

Salem is infamous for its murderous history involving witch trials. 

One of the most famous activities here is the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Walk Tour. This excursion promises a better perspective on the witchcraft hysteria, offering a journey of the city's history. 

Your professional guide will delve into the intricate web of social, political, and environmental factors that culminated in the notorious Salem Witch Trials. Trace the transformation of Salem as it rose to prominence as a top New England port, birthing some of America's most affluent families and its first millionaire. As you tread the historic cobblestone streets, admire the exquisite 17th and 18th-century colonial architecture while uncovering some of Salem's darkest true crime tales.


The Best Halloween Town in Beacon Hill

Enough with the creepy tales. What about the fun decorative displays during the spooky season?

The picturesque Beacon Hill neighborhood undergoes a striking transformation as soon as Halloween begins. Become entranced by the Halloween decors on tree-lined paths. From elegantly enigmatic to haunting, these ornaments will ignite your imagination. It’s the perfect excursion for families, couples, and friends. 


Overnight Ghost Hunting at the Omni Parker House

For a fully immersive Halloween experience, spend the night at the haunted Omni Parker House, the longest continually operating hotel in the country. Its paranormal nature is not surprising, given its more than 160-year history. Perhaps you can say "Hello," to the ghost of Harvey Parker, who is said to watch over the hotel. Visitors are said to have experienced his presence with murmurs, cigarette smells, or by observing guests from the elevator.

As autumn paints a medley of shades upon Boston, some of the city's best attractions come “alive” for Halloween. From its eerie architecture to festive streets, exciting activities await you!

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