What Low Inventory Means for Your Home Search

Taylor Yates  |  April 4, 2023

What Low Inventory Means for Your Home Search

In today's real estate market, low inventory is a frustrating obstacle that all prospective buyers are facing. Low inventory refers to a situation where there are fewer homes for sale than historically expected. Today, the number of homes sold in Boston is down 28.4% from last year, and inventory. Current inventory levels can make finding the right home more difficult, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you should give up on your search altogether. Let's explore what low inventory means for your home search and some strategies you can use to navigate this challenging market.

Patience is Key

Low inventory means you may have to be more patient and persistent in your search. With fewer homes on the market, you may not find exactly what you're looking for right away. You may have to be open to exploring different neighborhoods or adjusting your must-haves and nice-to-haves. For example, if you were hoping for a home with a large backyard, consider one with a smaller yard. Flexibility is key in a low-inventory market.

Expect Competition

Another factor to consider is that low inventory often means higher competition among buyers. This can result in bidding wars, where multiple buyers are vying for the same property and driving up the price. In this situation, it's important to have a clear budget in mind and to work with a real estate agent who can help you navigate the negotiation process. An experienced agent can advise you on the best offer based on comparable sales in the area and the property's condition.

Be Proactive

One strategy to consider in a low-inventory market is to be proactive and reach out to potential sellers directly. For example, if you have a specific neighborhood or street in mind, you can send letters or postcards to homeowners expressing your interest in buying their home. Alternatively, ask your real estate agent about off-market listings.

Be Realistic About Your Timeline

If you're on a tight deadline, such as needing to move before the start of a new job or the beginning of the school year, you may need to consider other options, such as renting temporarily or postponing your home search until more inventory becomes available. On the other hand, if you have some flexibility in your timeline, you can take advantage of off-season sales or other market fluctuations that can work in your favor.


Low inventory can be a challenge for homebuyers, but it doesn't mean your search is hopeless. Being flexible, working with a knowledgeable agent, and exploring alternative strategies can help you find your dream home in even the most competitive markets. With patience and persistence, you'll be on your way to finding the perfect home for you and your family.


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